My Pledge and Promise for 2014 .....


WHY AM I RUNNING FOR OFFICE? I did not start out wanting to be a legislator. I decided to run for office because of my love for RI, and my great concern with it's future. I believe the values that I was raised with, the same values I strive to live by can be the growth that is needed in our Government today.

I believe in accountability at every level. Too often I hear people passing the buck, saying there is nothing they can do about the problems, that someone else caused it and the problem can’t be fixed. "I want to bring personal accountability back to government."

I believe in accessibility and transparency. Too often legislators become out of touch with their community, and the people they are supposed to serve. I am accessible now, and if I am elected I will continue to be accessible and ensure great transparency with all communications.

As a husband and father, I take the responsibility of provider and protector of my family very seriously, and with your Vote, I will make that promise and commitment to do the same for you and your family.

I realize that I will have to first earn your trust and respect, before I can expect to receive your support. Therefore, I only believe in promising what I know I can deliver, that way my promises to you are genuine.  I promise I will work hard and fight on a daily basis to ensure that I honestly represent all of my constituents equally, and to the best of my abilities. 

Finally, I promise to fight against those who only care about special interests and their own agendas rather than focusing on the "FUTURE of RI." 

We need a Representative who will put values and people over politics and special interests. "I am that person "and I humbly ask for your support. Thank you.

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